Walk in Birchanger Woods

On Wednesday 1st May, Nursery and Reception went on a spring walk to Birchanger Woods.  Whilst at the woods we carried out a scavenger hunt. The children had to find signs of spring – blossom, bluebells, daisies, cow parsley, ivy, sticks, catkins, buds and dandelions.  We then created some natural minibeast art.  We made a picture frame using sticks and then used natural materials to create a chosen minibeast. We also painted stones and hid them within the woods for other people to find.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the adults who supported us on our walk; a great time was had by all!


Mummy and Me!

Last Thursday we invited our mummies in for a ‘Mummy and Me’ craft afternoon. The afternoon was a huge success and the children fully enjoyed having their mummies (and daddy!) join us. Throughout the craft-making there was a lovely atmosphere as the children made crowns, photo frames, decorated a biscuit, cut out a flower bouquet, planted a plant and designed an outfit for their mummies.

The mummies and children then rewarded themselves with biscuits and cupcakes as well as a well deserved cup of tea! We hope you had a lovely afternoon and it made your mother’s day celebrations that little bit more magical! Have a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing you on the 23rd April.


Once Upon a Time…

Nursery have recently been showing a real interest in story telling. We have been exploring story telling through a variety of different ways including mark making. They have been drawing an imaginative picture which includes different objects and characters and then making up a story based on their picture which the adult then scribed. We have now put the children’s stories into a book so they can proudly read their stories whenever they like!

Benjamin drew three bears and a wolf and enjoyed telling his story: “Once upon a time there was three bears and a bad wolf, then there came a rainbow across the sky. Then there came a very small snake with a short tongue. It surprised the wolf and the bears. The wolf was scared of the snake and ran away. The bears and the snake never saw the wolf again and they lived happily ever after. The end.”

Jimmy drew a wonderful campervan and called his story ‘My Campervan.’ “Once upon a time there was a campervan who was taking people on their holiday. The campervan parked up for the night and saw the stars. In the day he made sandcastles with the family. When they got back from the holiday they didn’t want to say goodbye so they kept the campervan forever. The end.”

Evelyn drew a picture of a spider and a rainbow and enjoyed telling her story to a small group. “Once upon a time there was a spider and a rainbow. The rainbow was magic and took the spider to fairyland. When the fairies woke up the spider wanted to fly. They took the spider on a magic bus and taught him how to fly. The spider got magic powers and stayed with the fairies and lived happily ever after. The end.”


Traditional Tales

Nursery are currently focusing on different traditional tales. So far we have looked at ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ We look forward to sharing ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ as well as ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ in the coming weeks.

We have been using our puppets and small world props to retell the different stories, as well as sequencing the pictures from the texts. The children have been challenging themselves to paint the different characters and in maths we have been learning how to create tallies by recording how many footsteps the big bad wolf took.


STEM Week!

Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed STEM week and the problem solving and creative challenges which we have explored. We based our week around the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ by Vivian French and the different activities linked closely to the text. We began the week with a panicked phone call from Mary in the kitchen saying that no vegetables have been delivered due to the lorry not locking its doors and the produce rolling out all over the school! We came up with a solution to help Mary and got our wheelbarrows and went to find the missing vegetables.

Throughout the week we planted our own vegetables, designed our own pots to grow cress and developed our fine-motor skills by weaving baskets. We also weighed out the ingredients needed to make a rhubarb crumble. Using some of the foods from the text, we sorted the different foods and then designed a healthy eating plate. What a very busy week – I think we may all be ready for half term!



The children have loved learning all about dinosaurs. We have been looking on the computer and in non-fiction books to find out about certain dinosaurs and we have been particularly interested in learning about what dinosaurs eat and whether they are herbivores, carnivores or even omnivores!

Throughout the past few weeks the children have made their own dinosaur egg from papier-mâché , collaged large dinosaurs together using a variety of different materials whilst thinking about their texture and we finding dinosaur eggs which rhyme! We even explored what happens when we mix colours whilst making our own dotty dinosaurs and we have been busy making our own dinosaur counting books and creating different dinosaurs using shapes!

We can’t wait to show you all of the busy things we have been up to on Wednesday 6th of February at 2:30pm!



The Emperor’s Egg

Since returning from the Christmas break, Nursery have been busy learning all about penguins! We used the quality text, ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ by Martin Jenkins as a starting point to find out some factual information around emperor penguins. The children then decided that they would like to know even more and suggested looking on the computer. We looked in even more information books and also looked closely at a globe to see where Antarctica is positioned to help us become penguin experts! We then shared our knowledge and made a class mind map. Rudy told his peers “Penguins have claws so they can waddle on the ice or they would just fall.” Benjamin told the class, “The chick opens it beak and has milk from the Daddy.” Poppy told everyone “They live in Antarctica and it’s at the bottom of the earth.” Isabella also told her peers, “Emperor penguins are the biggest penguins!” Ask us what else we know!

Throughout the children’s ChIL time they painted penguins, explored ice and worked out how to rescue the penguins that were inside, fed a penguin some rhyming fish and compared different habitats!



Run, Run As Fast As You Can…

Nursery have been focusing on the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Last week we read the story and at the end a mystery envelope fell out of the book. It was a note from the Gingerbread Man explaining that he had left clues around the school for us to follow.

“I’ve left my friends for you to snack,
But I’ll bet you’ll never get me back!
Look for me where there are lots of books!”

“I’ve read lots of books,
But I’m gone, can’t you see?
I’m the Gingerbread Man and you can’t catch me!
Look for me by a friendly face who answers phones in a busy place”

“The Business Manager has a friendly face
And answers phones in a busy place.
Find me by the leader of our school.”

“This is Mrs Hinstridge’s office.
She’s nice, you know.
She told me not to run anymore,
But to walk, wherever I go.
Go find me where lunches are served.”

“This is the lunch hall.
Mary and her friends like us a bunch,
And always make sure we have a good lunch.
I’m getting a bit tired as you can see,
Nursery class is where I will be!”

When we arrived back in Nursery we found the Gingerbread Man and he had left us some special biscuits to enjoy. We then enjoyed a variety of different activities based around the story, including sequencing pictures, putting the correct number of buttons on the gingerbread men using finger paints, designing our own Gingerbread Man and making Gingerbread Men in the playdough.




Last week Nursery were busy learning all about Diwali. We looked at how people prepare for the festival and how it is celebrated. Throughout the week the children made their own Rangoli patterns using coloured rice, created their own Diva lamps using a recycled CD and have very carefully painted Mehndi patterns onto a hand outline using a cotton bud! Throughout the week the children were very keen to recall what they had learnt.

Elsie told everyone, “It means good luck the Rangoli. They do Diva lamps at the windows because so everyone can see.”

Aisha explained, “They decorate the door with Rangoli patterns. They give people sweets and they have fireworks and put Diva lamps on the windows.”

Rudy told the class, “They do fireworks for Diwali and they put candles in the windows. They make Rangoli patterns and they put Mehndi on their hands.”

Helena explained, “They put Rangoli patterns on the doorstep for good luck. They put Mehndi patterns on their skin. They make Diva lamps for Diwali because Diwali means row of lamps.”


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